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          Alan Spargo Shield


The Monthly club competition has been very successful  with impressively high standards of work being displayed each month. This competition is for the Alan Spargo Shield which is presented annually to the winning turner of the year. Pieces are judged each month and points awarded, the member with the most points at the end of the year being the winner.


At our annual Seminar, members compete for the Graddage Trophy. All members are eligible but the piece must have been produced within the previous twelve months. 


                                                                                                           There is an additional competition each month.                         The full scheme is detailed here.

In order to encourage more participation in competitions an additional competition is run in accordance with the programme below, covering 2 entry classes. Experienced and Inexperienced. (The competitor deciding which category to enter.) In order to assist members, Workshop evenings will devote some time to demonstrating items for the competition.

Monthly Competition Subjects



  January               14th             Decorated Spinning Top

  February             11th               A Valentine Gift

  March                  9th               Natural edge item

   April                    14th              Turned fruit

   May                     12th              Bud vase and flowers


   June                    9th               Small salad bowl

   July                      14th              Money box

   August                 11th               Honey dipper and rest


   September          8th                Candle stick


   October               13th               Magic wand


   November           10th               Decorated Tea light holder


   December           8th                 Christmas tree Ornament        


Graddage Trophy.JPG

               Graddage Trophy